Mohiniattam Originating from Kerala in South India, this is a dance style exclusively performed by women. ‘Mohini’ means a seducing woman and ‘attam’ means dance. So this dance is enchantingly feminine with wave-like body movements. The theme of the dance is generally ‘sringara’ or love. Delicate themes of love are performed with suggestive gestures, rhythmic […]
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Chavutti Thirummal

Chavutti Thirummal Kerala in South India is mostly known for beautiful beaches and magnificent backwaters. But Kerala is also the home of the traditional medicine Ayurveda, the ancient martial art Kalarippayatt and the classical dance Kathakali. Chavutti Thirummal, the Keralite massage with the foot, is an inseparable part of these traditions. /*! elementor – v3.17.0 – 25-10-2023 */ .elementor-image-gallery .gallery-item{display:inline-block;text-align:center;vertical-align:top;width:100%;max-width:100%;margin:0 […]
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Kalarippayatt Kalarippayatt is the exclusive martial arts legacy of Kerala, which was taken to China by the Buddhist monks and became the legendary model for modern martial arts. ‘Kalari’ means gymnasium, and ‘payatt’ means combat. It is the most comprehensive personal combat training scheme in the world.   /*! elementor – v3.17.0 – 25-10-2023 */ .elementor-image-gallery […]
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