Frequently Answered Questions

  • Is there any age barrier for learning massage?
    No. But the student should be physically fit. 

  • Is it possible to learn Ayurvedic treatments / Chavutti Thirummal / Kalaripayattu in a rural setting (thatched huts, coconut groves, villages)?
    Yes. But please give us at least 30 days advance notice. Also, a minimum of 6 students is required. 

  • Is there body contact involved in massage?
    Yes. It is essential that all students have an open mind to receive and give a satisfying massage.  

  • Is it necessary to have a background in Yoga, Martial arts or any other physical art to learn massage? 
    No. But you have to be physically fit to endure the arduous sessions. To help students achieve better results, all our courses include Yoga and Chi Kung classes. 

  • How long does a treatment session last? 
    Normally a session lasts 45 to 90 minutes. However, the time may vary depending on the ailments, body constitution, age, health factors and nature of the treatment.  

  • I don’t have any ailment. Do I still need massage? 
    Massage is not only meant as a treatment but also for healthy people to increase their fitness levels. 

  • I already know quite a few massage techniques. Will learning your techniques add value to my massage practice?
    Yes, there is always room for improvement by learning new and proven techniques. Our styles have been standardized after reviewing other forms and hence will add value to your skills. 

  • I have a chronic ailment. Can you help?
    Provide your details and we will do our best to help you out. 
    (Fill the Feedback form) 

  • Is one-to-one teaching possible?
    Yes, but it costs a little more than group sessions. 

  • Can you arrange accommodation & food during the course?
    Yes, we can arrange accommodation and food. However, we need at least a 30-day advance notice about the number of students. 

  • I would like to know whether there are any long-term courses (3 months or more) to have an intensive study.
    Yes, we recommend an intensive study as it provides an opportunity to learn many advanced techniques. Also it is cheaper to combine two or more different courses.  

  • Do I get a proper Instruction Manual while learning? 
    Yes. Our instruction manuals are self-explanatory and include a lot of visuals. 

  • Why do some courses of treatment take a long time?
    A course of treatment uncovers and cleanses the toxins accumulated over an extended period of neglect. One, two or even eight to ten sessions may not give the desired results. So it is a bitconsumingAThe body has to be prepared for cleansing based on specific needs and it takes time for the effect of the cleansing to be felt.

Medical Considerations

  • Are there any contraindications in receiving a massage?
    If you have any particular physical complaints, you should mention them before a massage session when the therapist asks about your health. Therapists in our techniques are trained to be sensitive to each body and are aware of your limitations throughout the session.

  • What if I feel any discomfort (physical or emotional) during a massage session?
    Speak up at any point if you experience discomfort – the movements would then be adjusted to ease your discomfort. 

  • Can I receive a bodywork if I’m pregnant?
    Yes. Treatments can be received right up until delivery and provide many benefits and comforts during pregnancy. Hip opening and extension exercises, and foot/leg work are excellent. Many moves are adapted to ensure comfort for a pregnant woman, such as working on the side or in sitting postures. However, pain-tolerance is high due to high progesterone hormone levels – at this time, client feedback is very important and the therapist would go easy on stretching exercises to prevent dislocation.

  • How will I feel after a massage session?
    Some people feel much energized while others might feel extremely relaxed. It is important to take off some time for yourself after a session to assimilate the experience. Treatments involve very deep work, stimulating lymph and blood circulation.