Panchakarma means “five procedures”. These five cleansing procedures remove accumulated waste materials in the body. Meant for both healthy and sick.

  1. Medicated oil enema (Sneha Vasti)
  2. Decoction enema (Kashaya Vasti)
  3. Cleaning the bowels with medicines (Virechana)
  4. Induced vomiting with medicines (Vamana)
  5. Nose Medication (Nasya)

If done properly, the following are achieved: Healing of the disease, alertness of the senses, the stability of the body, efficient digestion/absorption and prolonged youth.


Considered as the mother of all treatments, this enema with medicinal oils (Sneha Vasti) or decoctions (Kashaya Vasti) cleanses accumulated toxins through the large intestine. Vasti works well because of the good absorbing capacity of the rectal area.

For gastric disorders, obstruction of urine/semen/menstrual flow, loss of strength, nervous diseases, lower backache, rheumatism, kidney stones, piles, abnormal enlargement of the liver/spleen and obesity.


This is bowel-cleaning by giving a laxative mixed in milk or warm water. It removes toxins accumulated in the liver/gallbladder and completely cleans the gastro-intestinal path.

For skin diseases, urinary disorders, anemia, chronic fever, diabetes, digestive disorders, headache, gynecological disorders, jaundice and heartburn.


Vomiting is induced by giving oral drugs with a large quantity of liquids. It cleanses toxins collected in the body and clears the respiratory system.

For asthma, cough, psoriasis, chronic allergies, hay fever, hyperacidity, chronic indigestion and water retention.


Nose is an easy entrance to the head. Medicine is poured into the nostrils for inhalation. This cleanses accumulated toxins in the head and neck region.

Highly effective for asthma, sinusitis, migraine and loss of smell/taste.